Terrace Vegetable Garden Designs, Ideas and Planting Tips for Organic Farming are described in this video. A comprehensive terrace vegetable garden is a dream for most of us and we are here to introduce best practices in terrace gardens. There are many major factors which we need to take care before starting the terrace garden and also to do some precautions. Latest irrigation methods including wick irrigation and drip irrigation are helping us to start an effect terrace garden. Also it is very important to adopt organic farming practices as chemical fertilizers may harm your terrace.

Grow bag farming is facing multiple challenges now a days due to the lack of durability of grow bags. The grow bags cost around Rs.30 and it will last only for 1-2 years maximum. but with this method of farming vegetables in mineral water bottles, we can do the vegetable cultivation at least for 4-5 years. The waste mineral water bottles are available at cheap rates from bottling plants and normally it will cost around Rs.15-20 . This method help us do a environment friendly farming and also will help to do a sustainable farming model in terrace vegetable farming.

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