In today’s video we share 3 secrets for propagating indoor plants or houseplants from cuttings. Using this technique, you can propagate plants like pothos, betel leaf and many other houseplants easily. NOTE: Few days means 4-7 days. Watch your plants daily!

Green sphagnum peat moss:
Rooting hormone:
Transparent humidity dome box:
Stretch wrap:

We go over the secrets of setting up a mini greenhouse humidity dome, then show you how you can propagate plant cuttings in it as well as how you can propagate seeds in this humidity dome.

We show you how to propagate plants in sphagnum peat moss or green moss and how easily humidity domes help you root plant cuttings. Rooting hormone or rooting hormone powder is used to get plenty of roots for your plants including house plants. House plants like pothos and others benefit greatly from this rooting technique

Chapter Timestamps (Table of Contents):
00:10 Plant rooting techniques using a humidity dome
06:30 Seed starting using humidity domes
10:00 Rooting plant cuttings in potting mix using rooting hormone

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