Everything you need to know to get your Spring/Summer Garden off to a great start. The rest of the season we’ll be walking through specific plants/topics together when things are supposed to be done… But in the
beginning I want to give you all the info you need to start strong and learn all the basics of organic gardening!

In this first episode we’ll be covering… 0:00
Growing Zones / Hardiness Zones: 1:00
Average First and Last Frost Dates: 2:46
Garden Placement: 6:15
Raised Beds vs. In Ground Beds: 11:04
No-Dig Gardening: 20:15
Containers: 22:54

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Organic Gardening for Beginners – Episode 1: https://youtu.be/GwCojS5gv70
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12 Vegetables that Grow in Shade: https://youtu.be/X7p9FoC99EQ
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