It’s easy to start your seeds indoors. This is a step by step guide on how to start seeds indoors – 10 easy steps for beginners for starting seeds indoors – experienced growers will find this helpful too! Thanks for watching this organic backyard gardening diy guide. Learn how to start seeds and save money – we review step by step what what you need to start seeds, germination temperature, what seed starting trays to use, what seed starting soil to use, watering, grow lights and tips for hardening transplants off for the garden. #seedstarting #gardening #startingseedsindoors


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Seed Starting Supplies:
→ High Mowing Seed Starting Kit (Tray, Cells, Dome & Organic Soil $20) everything you need but the seeds –
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Transplant Video Mentioned:
→ How To Transplant Seedlings Into Garden – 6 Key Steps and Mistakes to Avoid –

Vegetable Seed Germination Charts On My Website Mentioned:

Raised Beds:
→ Build: Video – How to Build a Raised Bed with Drip Irrigation –
→ Buy: Garden in Minutes has cypress interlocking raised beds that assemble without tools and grid watering systems perfect for square foot gardening – Use code OBG10 – $10 off orders $100+

Helpful Information On How Exactly Fine Tune Your Growlight for Each Vegetable

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