How to Make a Raised Bed Garden, easiest Garden Design anyone can do, NO BENDING, Easy on the Back, Easy to Maintain, a chair garden with a tote, handicap gardening, small spaces, setting up container gardening can be better many times, to deter pest, grow tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, zucchini, mint, herbs, watermelon, kale, collard, most ANYTHING. We compost in place, make our own plant food, easy the way nature does it. You can control the shade, control ants, snails, slugs, and so much more. It can be set up for a single person, or a community garden. I love to layer in Plants on top of this easy system, with potted plants for added plant support for the soil. I call this one ‘My Chairest Garden’, and I goal is to get non people gardening, to start to garden and LOVE IT. Thank you everyone, please Share this video to let everyone know, Gardening IS EASY and can be FUN!

2 Weeks later the Plants are Growing FOOD:

My Video ALL ABOUT TOTES to Grow in. Update note, I like ALL color totes, that blue one in that video is still growing:

TOO EASY Vegetable RAISED BED Garden-Grow MORE FOOD in LESS Space CHEAP & FUN Container & Pot Plants

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