Complete guide to vertical gardening with ideas for every budget.
Introduction 00:00
Electrical Conduit Trellis 01:05
Wall Mounted Rebar Trellis 03:12
Pre-Assembled Trellis 04:24
Wall Mounted Grid Trellis 05:50
Rebar Trellis (attached to raised beds) 06:49
Ladders 8:00
Gardener’s Jardin Rose Arches 8:45
Poles and Stakes as Trellises 09:26
Ladder Mesh Block Trellis 10:04
Gardener’s Vertex Cages 11:11
Welded Permanent Trellis 12:04

I’m often asked about the vertical structures in my garden — in this video I give details about each one including sources and the pros and cons for each type. I also share my best tips for vertical gardening.

Resources from video:
Large welded archway and tunnel, wall mounted trellises:

Jardin Rose Arch:

Articles and resources for vertical gardening:
Vegetables that love to climb:

Vertical Gardening: 10 Vegetables that Love to Climb

10 Ways to add vertical space to your garden:

Vertical Gardening Ideas: 10 Ways to Add Vertical Space to Your Garden

More about Ladder Mesh Block Trellises:

Add Vertical Space in the Garden

More about using ladders in the garden:

Ladders in the Garden

Link to buy garden grids:
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Seeds: Seeds Now
Botanical Interest seeds:
Watering Grids:
Use code ANGELA10 to save $10 off $100
Growing in the Garden Raised Bed Mix at Arizona Worm Farm:

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