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‘Vegetable & Flower Gardening | Garden Life | Garden Tips’, Just Life in the Garden 3-23

Come hang out with us in the Garden. We are getting things cleaned and watered, while stuffing our faces with fresh food from our garden. See the updates of our garden and how big they are getting. Enjoy seeing all of the unique garden combinations finally come to life and fill in. So many pretty flowers mixed into the veggie gardens. Get some cool and functional design ideas from our gardening space. One of our favorite features is our fire pit in the middle of the gardens. We can pick, and cook it right over the fire, followed by some s’mores!
It’s just another day in the garden and another episode of Just Life!
Don’t miss some before and after photos of the Gardening Space, and how we manage weeds.

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Like Our Tripod Cooker over the Fire?
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