Ultimate Tricks and Tips on Indoor Plant Care. Low light Plants for Indoors are difficult to maintain if you are a newbie plant lover. If you have got some indoor house plants and finding it difficult to keep them healthy, you must know some important tips about their care. We will discuss these tips in a Q & A format in this episode.
1. What are indoor plants?
Indoor plants are simply the plants that can be grown indoors or in other words they can be grown in low light conditions.
2. How do you Purchase Indoor Plants?
3. Do I Need to Repot After I Bring it Home?
4. How much light do indoor plants need?
5. Now Which plants can do well in low light conditions?
6. Now Which plants are very easy to grow indoors with very little care?
7. How do you care for indoor plants? Also know your plant by its name so that you know the plant specific care tips and Dos and Donts for that particular plant.
8. What are some of the common reasons indoor plants die?
9. How do you prune indoor plants?

10. Do I Fertilizer My Indoor Plants?
11. What About Pest Control in Indoor Plants?
12. My Plant leaves are Turning Yellow or edges are becoming dry and brown?

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