If you are looking for small vegetable garden ideas, then you need look no further than here… https://planterspost.com For in this blog you will find ideas on everything from straw bale gardening, to growing in Raised beds or even hugel beds!
The ability to be able to grow your own vegetables in small areas has become more important as town-dwellers in particular, with limited access to land, seek new ways to feed their families with their own home-grown produce.

Raised bed gardening is high on the list of must-have skills in the gardening dept, however Square Foot gardening techniques as well as growing vegetables in containers of all shapes and sizes, is also extremely popular.
Organic gardening methods are also much in demand, and so I have included a link to my book on the subject of growing vegetables in straw bales here…https://planterspost.com/strawbale
links to other relevant information as well as access to a good range of planters is available directly from my blog…


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