Small Indoor Vegetable Gardening – Hydroponic Grow Box

This is how I’m growing vegetables indoors in a hydroponic (DWC) system that I pieced together cheaply. My grow box is 28″Hx28″Lx12″w and is setup to hold 4 cfl grow lights. (4) 80mm exhaust fans, and (2) 80mm intake fans with one desk fan for interior air circulation.

I’m using a DWC hydroponic system with 4″ bubble stone, and a cheap air pump. The vegetables (spinach, collards, lettuce, mint) all started from seed germination (except the mint was cloned), and are approximately one week old.

This system is really awesome, and I find that the vegetables really take off and just love it! Hydroponics combined with grow lights really enhance my indoor vegetable garden.

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