Today I’m preparing my vegetable garden soil for spring planting. My soil consists of a lot of heavy clay, so I use a very specific technique to make early spring spring a little easier!
In this video I will share how preparing my vegetable garden soil for spring is transformed into a quick, easy process just by doing some of the prep work in the fall. The practice of forming raised planting rows (or beds) the fall before and then planting them with cover crop or mulch allows me to get into my beds much earlier in the spring than I would ordinarily be able to.
By doing a little of the work in the fall, preparing my vegetable garden soil for spring planting is made so much easier and I can quickly and easily get my crops in on my schedule– instead of waiting and waiting for the soil to dry out.
This method of preparing vegetable garden soil for spring is also beneficial to the soil microbiome because it minimizes soil disruption and focuses on the addition of organic matter.
Happy planting!!

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00:31 Consider a Soil Test
01:54 Raised Planting Rows/Beds
02:28 Quick Spring Soil Prep
04:28 Fall Prep Trick!


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