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This #passionflower #passiflora, has #selfseeded in a remote corner of my garden. The wind probably blew the #seed in from the fields and it #germinated. It is an incredible #plant like nothing else I’ve ever seen in #nature. The flower head itself is like an alien, it could have landed from another planet. It is weird and wonderful both at the same time.

Unfortunately the main trunk is growing behind the pipe to my oil tank and I cannot risk it doing any damage so I need to remove a lot of the plant. I’m using a combination of #loppers, #secateurs and an electronic saw (a multi tool). I took some #cuttings to #propagate and multiply the plant.

Next year the surviving branches with recover and thrive and we will be treated to more #blooms. I will keep an eye on it!! And #prune it if necessary.

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