Welcome to our October back garden tour from our vegetable gardening for beginners at home series. In this October back garden tour we will see what we are still harvesting and growing in our back garden vegetable garden.

The sun is out and we are still harvesting from our home vegetable garden. We will continue to let our aubergines and tomatoes ripen until they get hit by the first frost. They are enjoying the late summer sunshine.

The subpod is a great addition to our garden.
️ Subpod In Ground Composting System
Having a home composting system is a great way to deal with the waste vegetables and flowers from the garden and our home.

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Filmed on a Go Pro Hero 9 https://amzn.to/3moxSIn

With Go Pro Media Mod https://amzn.to/3GCjIeA

00:00 Introduction to October back garden tour
00:41 Storing the Pumpkin and Squash harvest
01:46 Our Subpod home composting system working
03:30 Wild Rocket in veg patch
04:01 Aubergines and Tomatoes in October
06:03 Peppers and Chillis in October
07:42 Our back garden chickens

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