My Top 5 Secrets To Successful Transplanting Hydroponic Tomato To Soil Garden | DIY Hydroponics

Here’s the summary of top 5 care & tips :
1. Determine the right time or weather. It is best to transplant on cloudy or rainy days or after sundown. The milder temperature will reduce stress and help transition of the plant.
2. Dig a hole at least 8-12 inches deep. When you bury the tomato plant deeper into the ground, more roots will develop, this will provide more productivity to absorb nutrients available in the soil. 3. Add soil amendment like compost or manure, calcium and Epsom salt. This will help health growth, increase flower and fruit production.
4. Provide sufficient watering since hydroponic plant grows in water it is necessary to provide ample supply of water for plant transition to their new home.
5. The crucial period 3-5days. This is the important period to give an extra attention to your newly transplanted plant. Most of the time, especially when it’s a sunny day the plant will wilt. Do not be alarm, this is normal as the plant is adopting and in a transition phase. To avoid excessive sun exposure in this period, cover the plant with shade net or planter pots, when covering the plant ensure that there is a ventilation to prevent suffocation. The best time to cover your plant is from 10 or 11am and uncover it after sundown.

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Top 5 Transplanting Care & Tips


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