Grab some Epic 6-Cell Trays: – Every year I update my seed starting methods for better results, consistency, and health of my seedlings.

In addition to some slight planting method adjustments, the biggest addition in 2021 are these Epic 6-Cell trays, which last dramatically longer than the cheap plastic flimsy trays sold at many nurseries, but also have some great features to help seedlings develop healthier.

I like them so much, I now offer them on the Epic Gardening store, so grab a few if you’re interested!

SPONSOR: Espoma Organic

Espoma Organic has been organic from the start and makes absolutely epic potting mixes, and organic fertilizers. Their organic seed starting mix is perfect for getting your seedlings going this 2021 season:

Where to Buy

0:00 – Intro
1:13 – Epic Trays
2:03 – 1020 Tray
2:27 – Seed Starting Mix
4:00 – Romanesco Cauliflower
5:21 – Carmel Spinach
5:59 – Kailaan Broccoli
6:32 – Lucid Gem Lettuce
7:29 – Candy Stripe Cosmos
8:28 – Great Lakes Lettuce
9:14 – Mammoth Melting Snow Pea
10:24 – Watering In
11:56 – Humidity Dome
12:19 – Sprouting
13:09 – 3 Indoor Tips
15:04 – Potting Up
17:07 – Transplanting In
18:36 – Cleaning and Sterilization
19:25 – Old vs. New Trays


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