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Hi everyone! In this video we talk about stylish indoor plants that help in purifying the air and are very easy to look after and maintain. Even if you’re a beginner, you can easily manage these plants.
In this video, we talk about
1. Money plant
2.Spider plant
3. Jade plant
4. z z plant
5. Succulents
6. Philodendron Moonlight
7. Croton
8. Rubber plant
9. Areca Palm
10. Fiddle Leaf Fig
11. Boston Fern

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Hi guys,
Thank you for considering us for your interior design project!

Due to the overwhelming flow of project enquiries in our DMs and the comments, we could not respond to your queries.
For that, we have streamlined our emailing and response system for effective and prompt communication.
Here is the thorough email format structured to understand your project and interior-related enquiries better and help you with a quick response.

Our new contact emails are:
For interior design enquiries:
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3) Rooms: (5bhk/ 4bhk/ 3bhk….)

4) Carpet area:

5) Scope of work in detail:
i. Carpentry:
ii. Civil work: (Flooring/ kitchen/ 1 bathroom..)
iii. False ceiling: (Whole house/ deck area/ PVC ceiling…)
iv. Electrical: (Complete change/ only new points to be added/ point shifting…)
v. Painting: (Whole house)
*Please mention any more requirements

6) Timeline and status:
i. Date of possession of the property:
ii. Date of OC of the property:
iii. No. of days in hand to design and execute:
iv. Your desired date/ month to move into the house:

*Kindly note that from design to handover, we take 6-7 months for a 3bhk and 7-9 months for a 4bhk.
*Due to the multiple projects in hand we need a buffer of at least 3 months to start a new project.

7) Documentations:
i. Site photographs
ii. Plans of the property from the developer.

8) Budget:

Thank you for considering us! We will try our best to respond to your email within 48 hours 🙂

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