Complete beginner hydroponics tutorial for a 5 gallon system same principles can be applied to most hydroponic systems.

Are you thinking of setting up a hydroponic system but think it may be too complicated this concise tutorial explains in detail all you need to know from preparing your plants ,choosing a growing medium to mixing your nutrients and testing the solution to obtain the correct ph and ppm levels.
This video was filmed using an Iphone 6S
Complete hydroponic systems
Hydroponic grow kit
DWC Hydroponic system
8 bucket hydroponic system
72 Plant Sites Hydroponic Site Grow Kit
Hydroponic fertilizer
Hydroponic fertilizer liquid

Items required for setting up a hydroponic system
Similar hydroponic fertilizer used
396 GPH pump
4 inch air stone
Air pump
2 inch net cups
PH meter
TDS meter

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