This video will give advice and principals for sizing a vegetable garden, and provide key points to layout a vegetable garden. Make sure you keep tall plants to the North of shorter plants to allow for Photosynthesis. And ensure you keep plants properly spaced as well as accounting for walkways.

Key Links

Engineering Graph Paper – really useful for any layout work from gardening to woodworking (affiliate link).

My DIY Tomato Cages – low cost, strong, sturdy, and they store better than conventional cages

DIY Tomato Cages – Simple, Strong, and Economical

Vegetable Height and Spacing Guide

Vegetable Garden Height and Spacing Guide – 71 Species

Cliff Notes on planning/layout of a vegetable garden

Plan and Space a Vegetable Garden – The Right Way

Vegetable to Canning Guide

How Many Vegetables Do You Need for Canning?

Vegetable Plants Required per Person, or Square Foot Area Guide:
From Rutgers University

From Michigan State

Again, I would suggest that you use those Plants per person/square foot guides with caution if you are new. They are based on farm yields over time, and are averages. So, your garden will never produce exactly like these guide, but they do provide a decent estimate.




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