Welcome to our how to plant garlic video from our allotment gardening for beginners series. We plant garlic in Kent in the UK in October as we find this to be the best month for us. If you are an allotment or gardening beginner then planting garlic is best done early enough for the bulbs to form a little before the very cold weather begins. These garlic cloves will have turned into garlic bulbs by June when they will be ready to harvest.

The garlic cloves will split and turn into a garlic bulb during the cold frosty weather over winter. They are completely frost hardy and do not require a cover or any frost protection. Just make sure you mark the rows if snow is due so that you can avoid walking on them by mistake.

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00:00 Introduction how to plant garlic
00:29 When to plant garlic
01:14 Garlic varieties
01:35 Prepare ground for planting garlic
02:14 How to plant garlic

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