John from shares with you the most important elements you need to consider when vegetable gardening in the desert so you can be successful.

In this episode, you will learn the 10 most important considerations you will need to take into consideration when vegetable gardening in Las Vegas, Nevada, or other Desert Climates to ensure your success.

You will discover the importance of Watering, Sun, Shade, Soil, Planting at the Right Time, Soil Biology, Weekly Feeding, Pollinators, Planting the Right Plants, and Planting Densely.

You will learn the very techniques that John implements in his vegetable garden to have a high level of success growing a summer vegetable garden in one of the most extreme climates in the USA.

You will discover many tips that if you consider and implement, will raise your level of success with gardening in the desert or where-ever you live.

You will learn from John’s gardening experience in the desert for almost a decade.

After watching this episode, you will learn the most important factors you need to consider when growing a vegetable garden in hot desert climates or other extreme climates.

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