Grow vegetables and fruit indoors in the UK/ grow veg at home. If you fancy growing some fruit & veg at home but are short on materials – here’s what you can do to get your seeds started.

** Please note that some seeds from mass-produced shop-bought varieties of fruit and vegetables are hybrids so they’re not designed to be regrown and they may be sterile which means they will not grow. If you are using seeds from shop bought produce look out for heritage varieties as these will give you a better crop.**

If you’re ready for the next stage, here’s how to transplant your vegetables:

Some specific advice about growing tomatoes indoors:

Feeding your tomatoes:

Grow your own veg today.

Seeing as we’re all staying indoors and with speculation over fruit & vegetables shortages surfacing and some people asking – will the UK run out of fruit and vegetables, I thought I’d share some tips on how to easily grow your own vegetables indoors without the need for a trip to the shops. Happy growing.

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