Watch and draw this detailed beautiful nature scenery of a wild beautiful garden drawing tutorial for beginners with color pencils. learn how to draw natural landscape step by step with voice over.

Hey everyone! watch this beautiful forest drawing tutorial!

Hope you are enjoying this drawing tutorial. Its a bit long and natural speed video tutorial. We have tried to show you all the pencil shading techniques we’ve used in this simple and easy drawing of nature scenery with colored pencils. Here we have not done any pencil outline . We started coloring directly. We also introduced voice over to narrate for explaining a few aspect where we found necessary. hope you will like this beautiful natural scenery drawing of roadside wild garden .We also included an old house to make the landscape for realistic. We have done some experiments with this scenery coloring. We are happy with the end results.

We used Faber Castell Color Pencils and white correcting pen.

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Watch this nature scenery drawing painting tutorial

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Happy drawing.

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