Are hydroponic farms profitable? They can be and here’s one success story.

This 21-year-old college student from San Fernando, Pampanga is making a good profit from hydroponics farming. He started his agribusiness venture with only ₱1000 capital and now he’s expanding.

Growing up as a grandchild of a traditional farmer Harold didn’t think
a modern way of growing leafy greens would be doable in his yard. Until he gave it a try. And thanks to his available resources and a mindset that never fails to attract progress beacuse now his looking at multiple opportunities.

Take a look at one of Harold Zapata’s greenhouses filled with lettuce and basil.

_ _ _ _
If this system can give farmers total control over their produce, could hydroponic farming be the future? Here’s a fact. It’s becoming popular for a number of good reasons. A farmer doesn’t need soil and can grow a large plant population even in a very small area. Higher yields are attainable when plants are fed properly. The produce also tend to have longer shelf life. It requires less labor. And that’s only mentioning a few.

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