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Life After Bridge is a channel about a life-changing journey for Malaysian who are working in Singapore. Malaysia and Singapore once united as one and today both countries form their distinctive culture and economics independently with renowned recognition globally. It is a huge success and development.

Malaysia and Singapore always maintained a healthy relationship neighborhood, there are many factors that sculpture both countries with their establishment and reputation. As we know, Singapore is one of the Four Asian Tiger Country playing the main role in global economics. It defines how successful Singapore.

A small island with the size of 719.9km2 that fit the population of 5.61 million people is unbelievable. With the limited resources and land, the development all industry such as construction, factory, education, hospitality, medical and so on seem constrained.

Despite many constrained, Singapore becomes one of the International recognized platforms. With the tempting currency rate compare with Malaysia, Malaysian cross over the bridge and work. It’s been a trend and many Malaysian crosses the bridge daily and work to survive.

Part of the reason is that job opportunity in Malaysia is tough and living expenses spike drastically.

Personally, I chose to work in Singapore to explore myself and get inspiration in an Internationally recognized country. Although just a bridge distance, it makes both countries different in so many ways.

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Easy Landscaping for Beginner!

Are you getting annoyed with your unattended garden that full of weed?
No problem, we have the simplest way to bring your beautiful garden back again!

Follow the easy steps below to make your garden Great again!

Step 1:
– Clean up trimmed branches

Step 2:
– Remove weed and stone

Step 3:
– Fill soil at the low spot
– Layout soil evenly

Step 4:
– Level surface evenly

Step 5:
– Lay weed net at desire area (to avoid weed regrow)
– Decorate with pebble slab & stone

Step 6:
– Start planting Bermuda grass

Step 7:
– Press grass surface thoroughly

Step 8:
– Clean up

Require Equipment:
1. Tine-eye Hoe
2. Hoe
3. Bloom Stick
4. Small Tine-eye Hoe
5. Small Hoe
6. Garbage Bag
7. Weed Net
8. Glove
9. Straw Hat

Require Materials:
1. Pebble Stone
2. Bermuda Glass
3. Pebble Slab
4. Sand

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