I started this hydroponic rail system about 30 days ago, having absolutely zero experience in hydroponic growing. Thru a few basic steps, I was able to grow some perfect hydroponic lettuce. If I could grow lettuce that looks and tastes this good, then you can do it too. It really is that easy.

Note: Some people suggest changing the reservoir every 2 weeks or so. In this situation I did not. However, I would not recommend going beyond the time needed to complete the growth of the lettuce. Before starting a new crop, the reservoir SHOULD be emptied, cleaned, and refilled with fresh nutrients and water.

The variety of lettuce is Adriana. It is a heat tolerant butterhead lettuce that I purchased from Johnny’s Seeds. The nutrient mix is a combination of a water soluble 4-18-38, calcium nitrate, and Epsom salt that I mixed at a 2-2-1 ratio, with approximately 8 grams of 4-18-38, 8 grams of calcium nitrate, and 4 grams of Epsom salt per 5 gallons of water.

Here is a video explaining how I mix the fertilizer and where to buy it : http://youtu.be/vYv9iu2NI3M

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