Video content referred from my all time inspiration Garden Up🥰

This video is created for all my Malayalee Friends, who don’t understand Hindi or English

Don’t keep plants indoors?? | in Malayalam | Homely Feel | Diyab

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Tips to remember for your healthy Indoor Plants:
Five Low light Indoor Plants we can easily grow:
Best Potting Mix for Fastening the growth of our Plants:
Simple Macrame Plant Hanger:
Five Home made Fertilizers:
Easy to Grow Indoor Plant:
My New Plant Collection :
Peace Lilly Care and Propagation:
Flame Violet/Episcia Care and Propagation:
My House Plant Collection:
Hanging Plant(Turtle Vine Care):
Wandering Jew Care :
Spider Plant Care:
Money plant propagation from leaf in water :
Phelodendron Collection:
Flowering Plants in my Garden:
Euphorbia Milii(Are they cancerous?):
Bush Pepper Care:
Bush Pepper Propagation:
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