In this miscellaneous Monday video, I show you how I built my c-shaped raised vegetable garden bed using untreated cedar wood planks and planter bricks that I got from Home Depot. I wanted my garden bed to be c-shaped just because I think it’s cuter than a rectangular bed and there’s a small area for me to walk into and sit down. It has 2 layers so plants have at most 12″ of soil to grow in and holds approximately 45 cubic feet of soil.

For a beginner gardener, this was a very easy to setup garden bed and I didn’t need to use any hammer or nails at all thanks to the planter blocks. It was also fun to easily design the shape of the bed frame and slide the wood planks into place without any hassle. I’m not sure if the weed barrier will affect water drainage in my area, but the reason I used it was because my lawn has a lot of those white grubs living in the ground and tons of tree roots that have been known to sprout into trees in my backyard. Tag me @qdcrafts so I can see your garden beds!

0:00 The Plan
0:36 The Materials
1:28 Preparing the ground
2:46 The Assembly
4:23 Adding the soil
5:56 Growing the veggies!

(c) Victoria T. 2021


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