Composting is easy and pretty much anyone can start composting at home. Fall is a great time to start composting. By starting your composting in fall, your compost should be finished by spring.
All you need is a 44 gallon trash can with a tight, fitting lid, a drill with a  half of an inch circular bit and a bungee cord.
44 gallons is big enough to get started but you will need to turn your compost 2-4 times a week. By building this compost bin you can cut down your carbon foot print buy reducing and recycling your waste. This compost bin is a great way to recycle your foot and yard waste.
Don’t forget to add the right portion of browns to your compost so the materials can get hot enough. You can add things like cardboard, sawdust, small wood chips, twigs, and fall leaves to your compost.

 in the next video, I will show you what  brown and green materials to add to your compost bin.
Good luck with your gardens.

With this compost bin you will be able to reduce your waste by composting food scraps, yard waste and other compostable materials.

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