Learn how to build a hydroponic grow wall in todays video!

We installed a Hydroponic Grow Wall inside our farm house this week! This grow wall is designed to grow 34 plants every 30 days. That means My family will be able to harvest salad greens and herbs year round from the system!

This can save a family a lot of money over the years! The system is only about $500 in materials, and will pay for itself in just a few months.

It is made of very simple materials, and took us half a day to install with help from Jonathan from Fairfield County Hydroponics – http://fairfieldcountyhydroponics.com/

MATERIALS ( I am adding to this list of materials, stay tuned as I track down all the different parts…)

PVC 4″ 10 ‘ – http://amzn.to/2DFYmNz
PVC Couplers (get 2 per Rail Pipes) – http://amzn.to/2DcvQlL
PVC Reducers 4″ to 2″ (get 2 per Rail Pipes) – http://amzn.to/2Db0qMv
PVC Reducers 2″ to 1″ (get 2 per Rail Pipes) -http://amzn.to/2FJcwhy
Net Pots – http://amzn.to/2rdad3b
Grow Lights – http://amzn.to/2DrfbxO
50 Gallon Drum – http://amzn.to/2DoadCc
Vinyl Hose – http://amzn.to/2mCmmJe
Vinyl to PVC Coupler – http://amzn.to/2FG1lWJ
Pump – http://amzn.to/2reFhPW

Rock Wool – http://amzn.to/2mCa5V8
Humidity Dome (for starting seeds) – http://amzn.to/2mFFtSy
Nutrient – http://amzn.to/2FJF3n2

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