Is using backyard soil good enough? Choosing the right growing medium is essential for producing the strong and healthy plants.

Jon, Founder of UFI, and Liz, a volunteer, discuss the properties of growing medium that they consider when choosing what they’ll use for their garden. They cover nutrients, pH, moisture, root development and more.

Let us know which growing medium you use in the comments below!

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0:00 Intro
0:45 Soil
1:08 Sand
1:45 Growing Medium
2:09 Maximize the production of Seeds
2:22 Coconut Coir
2:30 Sustainable Growing Medium
2:49 Promix
3:00 Peat and Perlite
3:15 Mycorrhiza, Root Development Promoter
3:26 Potting Soil
4:15 pH
6:24 Seed Starting
6:27 Seed Germination
6:36 Climate Change Effecting Gardening

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