Welcome to our allotment jobs for October video from our allotment gardening for beginners UK series. There are a surprising number of jobs to be done on the allotment in October. The weather is getting colder and wetter so we are finding that a lot of our vegetables are coming to an end but we still have our winter vegetables in the ground to look after.

There are few things that can be planted as you can see from our what to sow in October video. https://youtu.be/FiWfWZZF5Ww

We are harvesting or digging our potatoes in October in this video.

The allotment in October is still full of life so we just need to choose good days to walk to it and harvest or plant a few vegetables or fruit. The weather is still warm enough to produce new growth but we will be spending some time preparing the ground for the winter and next spring.

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00:00 Introduction to allotment jobs for October
00:25 Splitting rhubarb in October
00:52 Composting on allotment
01:51 October allotment tidy
02:49 October allotment harvesting
04:11 Lifting potatoes in October
04:51 Pumpkin, squash and courgette in October
06:37 Runner beans producing in October
08:11 Chard and brassicas in October
09:41 Planting and sowing in October

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