Today we have our allotment jobs for July roundup in our allotment gardening for beginners in the UK videos. The July jobs on the allotment are following on from June and we are getting more plants in the ground to look after. If you are new to allotment gardening or vegetable gardening then follow our channel for hints and tips through the season. Today we are looking at what jobs we need to complete in July.

The Enviromesh that we use is

The scaffold netting link is we have just bought a 50m X 2m roll and have found that we can re use it over many seasons in the past.

In July we are growing many seedlings and planting out our tender plants that we have grown from seed earlier in the year. We have seen many plants for sale in local shops and garden centres if you have forgotten to sow something that you wish to grow this year or if you have a new allotment or vegetable garden. In the UK July is frost free everywhere so it’s time to get growing your own food.

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