Learn about the best air purifying, healthiest houseplants, including oxygen releasing plants for a healthy bedroom and more! TOP Houseplants for 2022 to clean air in your home, backed by NASA science!

Watch the compilation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qdd4RlrvoIw
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Indoor Plants for Bedrooms in this video:
0:00 – 0:39: NASA Study & Intro
0:40 – 1:10: Aloe
1:11 – 1:32: Snake Plant
1:33 – 1:58: Peace Lily
1:59 – 2:35: Rubber Tree/Plant
2:36 – 3:13: Pothos
3:14 – 3:36: Weeping Fig
3:37 – 4:01: English Ivy
4:02 – 4:18: Spider Plant
4:19 – 4:47: Lady Palm
4:48 – 5:27: Philodendrons
5:28 – 5:56: Dragon Tree/Dracaena
5:57 – 6:42: Considerations & Ending
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