In my latest video, I’m talking about bulbs. Ever since I started working in horticulture, bulbs have always been something that has fascinated me and I think bulbs are brilliant for your garden. From late winter flowering plants like snowdrops to spring favourites like daffodils and tulips. Space at premium at your home or you plant on balcony, then pop them in a container.

You can even grow bulbs indoors. You do this by forcing them. Bulbs like Hyacinths and Amaryllis are great for indoor decoration and if you start between September until the end of October, they will them flower in time for Christmas. Giving you stunning living decorations.

Bulbs will continue to flower year on year if you look after them, use the right tools and provide them with the nutrients they need to succeed.

For more information on forcing bulbs for Christmas:

Forcing bulbs for Christmas

For more information on planting bulbs for spring:

Spring flowering bulbs to plant in autumn

The complete guide to bulbs

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