Basil is one of the most popular but also easiest herbs to grow. With endless varieties, you can learn a LOT about gardening from growing this plant, practicing your pruning and propagation techniques, and growing absolutely MASSIVE basil bushes.


Proven Winners is the producer of Amazel Basil®, a downy-mildew resistant basil that produces a ton of bushy, leafy growth. It’s an awesome variety that I’ve really enjoyed having in my garden this summer:

0:00 – Intro
1:15 – 1. Varieties and Care
3:32 – 2. Example of Pruning Regrowth
4:11 – 3. Anatomy of Basil Plant
5:04 – 4. Close-Up of Pruning
5:58 – 5. Cutting for Propagation
6:41 – 6. Pruning Flowers
7:58 – 7. Pests and Diseases
9:01 – 8. Interplanting Basil
9:47 – Outro


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