Avoid these 8 mistakes and you will have Bigger Harvests from your Garden!

Into- 00:00
Transplanting Basics- 00:14
1st Mistake, Transplanting out too early in the year Bad Timing)- 00:48
2nd Mistake, Not hardening off plants- 02:33
3rd Mistake, Planting at the wrong time of day- 03:36
4th Mistake, Planting out root bound plants- 04:45
5th Mistake, Not watering transplant the day before- 06:04
6th Mistake, Improper Spacing- 06:43
7th Mistake, Not labeling with UV resistant marker- 07:53
8th Mistake, Not watering in transplants- 08:35
Bonus Tip, Shade Cloth- 09:14
Outro- 10:56

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