If you choose the right houseplants, you can feel like a master gardener from the start. These 7 indoor plants are easy favorites from our Garden Center expert, Eileen. Any one of these hardy houseplants will brighten your rooms and boost your confidence as a plant owner.

For more detailed info on how to care for indoor plants, including a list of tools and materials needed, visit our Easy Indoor Plants guide: https://thd.co/2XCdw0L

Find out how to choose and care for your new indoor plants with the time stamps below:
00:43 How to Choose a Plant
00:57 Snake Plant / Sansevieria Care
1:41 Pothos / Epipremnum Care
2:33 ZZ Plant / Zamioculcas Care
3:12 Dracaena Care
3:53 Peace Lily / Spathiphyllum Care
4:47 Croton / Codiaeum Care
5:23 Aglaonema Care

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7 Easy Indoor House Plants with Eileen | The Home Depot

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