2023 Kickoff Growing in Hydroponic – Straw Bales and Dirt

Official 2023 season is now rocking.

Make sure you check the links below to see how we do all this and to answer many of your questions you may have.

Links to how I setup my hydroponics:

How I build my dutch buckets:

How I Raise my Hydroponic Nutrients:

Week Two Raising My Nutrients:

Week Three Raising My Nutrients:

How I cool my Reservoir:

How to control Aphids:

How I save and reuse my Perlite:

Hydroponic N.P.K Explained:

How To Plant Hydroponic Tomatoes in Dutch Buckets:

How to Build a Kratky Tote System:

How To Build a DWC System:

RDWC and how it works:

Hydroponic Greenhouse Planted in Full Detail:

Hydroponic Tips They Never Tell You About:

Maintaining Hydroponic Nutrients

How I sealed and Heat My Hydroponic Greenhouse:

How I Built My Hydroponic Greenhouse – Full Playlist:

I want to thank everyone for the awesome support.

Stay safe out there and have a great week!

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