Planning your Square Foot Garden can be overwhelming! If you’re a beginner, it’s hard to even know where to start. Here are my best 10+ tips for helping you get started dreaming, planning, and planting your edible square foot garden if you are a brand new gardener!

Feel free to skip around- here are some chapters for easy navigation.

0:00 – What is a Square Foot Garden?
1:34 – How much space do I need?
2:46 – Tip #1 Make a Garden Wish List
3:44 – Tip #2 Sketch Out Your Garden
4:19 – Tip #3 Utilize Companion Planting
6:19 – Tip #4 Re-Use Harvested Squares
7:06 – Tip #5 Practice Succession Planting
8:11 – Tip #6 Know Your Garden Zone
9:24 – Tip #7 Prep Your Garden Space
10:57 – Tip #8 Know How Many Plants Per Square
12:46 – Tip #9 Label Your Plants
13:53 – Tip #10 Have a Little Faith!!

I hope this is helpful to you on your garden journey! What tips would you add??

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